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Raising Playful Tots is home to the weekly radio show and the Raising Playful Tots Index.

Raising Playful Tots ( RPT) is a weekly radio show, started in 2009, that you download or listen to online or via many different devices. It’s also known as a podcast. RPT is show dedicated to mums who want to make the most of playtime with their under 5 tots via appropriate play in Early Childhood.

About me

Melitsa Avila is a former teacher, mother of three boys and military wife who specialises in sharing Early Childhood play information from practitioners and experts into the hands of parents and carers to improve their under 5 play opportunities.

Melitsa has been blogging since 2007 sharing forgotten play activities, promoting discussion and community to encourage parents to have fun with their children intentionally and make choices about play the way we remembered from our childhood.

She celebrates the journey of early childhood playtime through the play activities network. You can find via her play activities newsletter, blog, Index, recent ebooks and her collection of playdough masterpieces only a mum could love!

Melitsa has written articles and play activities for Blissfully Domestic, Steady Mom, and MomActive.
She’s worked as a discussion leader on Denver Moms like me and supports Britmums.

Melitsa has been interviewed for Baby Instructions, OverThinkingMom, Mommy community, Natural Moms Talk Radio and Inspiradio. She has also lead a short segment on the morning show on Denver channel 7 . She moderated and spoke on a panel at Britmumslive conference 2012

Request the media kit by emailing info AT Raising Playful Tots DOT com.

My Style

Here is a short 5 minute clip of a few recent shows.

Show format

Raising Playful Tots is packed with practical activities to encourage a playful journey with our under 5s along with points for discussion, challenge, laughter and inspiration.

Interview show with one guest : These interviews typically last between 15-30minutes.
or solo show with the host. Guests talk on a prearranged subject in a question and answer format.

Calls are recorded.

Recurring Segments throughout the year

  • Mums from around the world
  • Rewind play

Raising Playful Tots accepts advertising and sponsorship.

Request the media kit by emailing info AT Raising Playful Tots DOT com.

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