Attention moms who are frustrated their family time has become a struggle because you are pulled in too many directions

Now is the time to take back control and start enjoying your family before your kids grow too old to want to be with you

Creating a family haven so your family can thrive

How would your family life be different if you were happier,  had more time with your family and had more peace and calm in your life?

Overwhelm, busyness and everyday arguments are making you miserable and feel a failure as a parent. You are reacting to what comes your way rather than actively building what you really want for your family.

How can we grow a family where members respect, nurture and support one another?

Something needs to change and soon.

You can relate because lately you’ve been

  • Off track with your parenting intentions
  • Drifting further away from your ideas and goals for your family
  • Buried in parenting books and Google, searching for new ideas
  • Having little success in making any real change
  • Disconnected from your family in this fast paced world


I know you’re frustrated, feeling helpless and even like giving up at times. You don’t have to feel like this anymore; there is a way to build the ideal family you’ve always dreamed of.

Precious time connection and joy creating a family haven

When you first started your family you most likely had a vision of how things would be, but your current situation is stealing away your:


  • Precious time
  • Peace of mind
  • Connection and Joy
  • Intimacy and creativity and
  • Impacting your relationships with your children and spouse


Thinking into the future about how things could get worse are only causing you more worry and anxiety.


Maybe you can you relate:

Just a few short years ago I was where you are now; busy, tired and overwhelmed with raising a family. I was in a constant state of exhaustion with little or no energy to play or do the things I once dreamed we would do as a family.

I wanted to make changes, but new ideas came and went with no lasting results.

I wasn’t alone. 

Conversations with other moms revealed how they too, had tried new ideas only to get no long-term results. These ideas just didn’t fit our unique family structures.

I realized what we needed was to strip back and simplify what we were already doing in our families, not add more stuff to the agenda!

teddy hearts Creating a family haven course

I started listening

After interviewing and really listening to moms like me, I heard their reflections, joys and struggles. I wasn’t alone in wanting my family life to be less about struggles and the despair cycle, and more of the simple memories, experiences and connection; all simply rooted in OUR lifestyle!

I had a choice to make:

I could dwell on how tough things were, or take action to improve our lives. No more stalling or waiting for someone else to come up with a solution!

With my background in education, training as a Simplicity Parenting Coach, mother to three smiley active boys and a military wife, I began my journey. My goal was to combine all of this experience and find a path to transformation so our family life could be changed.

basket fun 2- creating a family haven course

Things got better as I connected with and defined what was really important to our family.

Together with my spouse we built a family with a foundation: A Family Haven.

As I saw positive results unravel, I knew other moms would want to learn how to create a family haven so their families could thrive too, so I used our experience and positive results to create a course to share with families like yours.


Why choose Creating a Family Haven?

Creating a Family Haven is different because in this course you will get to the root of who you are as a family and gain tools that you can take with you as your family changes and grows.

You will learn how to throw away what’s not working and embrace a new and simple way to create an environment that works for your unique family structure.

You’ll go on an adventure where your kids and spouse will want to participate, uniting your family just as you dreamed.

You will build a family parenting style exclusive to you that has no regrets or unease. Instead of the haphazard mosaic style parenting approach that’s taken from everyone else’s plan- patched together. ( You know that’s not been working.)

No matter where you are in your family journey, whether you just started, are a single or separated parent or have little ones like me, Creating a Family Haven works because it is uniquely designed for long-term success, not a quick fix with short-term results.

Look intimacy and conversation

This course is for you; busy, thinking, playful moms and families who ?

  • Feel disconnected from their family dreams and values
  • Feel dissatisfaction with the Family Haven you have now
  • See their families under too much stress
  • Want the experiences they once imagined for their family
  • Want more joy, laughter, order, simplicity and lightness

Who is this course not for?

  • Those who are looking for a quick fix or Band-Aid solution to your families needs.
  • Those who want to passively learn or who want a cookie cutter plan to their parenting
  • Those who are unwilling to implement and do the activities
  • Those who aren’t sure if you’re willing to tune up your parenting

Creating a family haven group product shot

Lets go with a fresh start and create your Family Haven! Together we will:


  • Create a foundation for your Family Haven
  • Build a stronger connection to your goals, values and relationships with your spouse and children
  • Reclaim (grab back) a proactive parenting style hijacked by tiredness, transitions and tantrums
  • Discover your families unique family style and direction
  • Experience better teamwork and reconnection within a peaceful and encouraging home
  • Experience relief from the negative behaviors and conversation cycles robbing your family of growth and change
  • Create your families holy grail, your road map
  • Build your very own roundtable
  • Create a calmer more responsive atmosphere
  • Reduce anxiety and tension around family and parenting
  • Create an atmosphere for cooperation instead of the constant back and forth of frustration, misunderstanding and battles of wills


Testimonial LeannaR

In this Course:

You have access to a private group . There you will have the option to talk about your specific situation with a group of likeminded moms who are cheering you on, encouraging you to put action into your ideas. (This is just  what we need.)

You will be introduced to a new module every week for 6 weeks that will include videos and play sheets to help you work through each module.  

Module 00  Module 1 Module 2  Module 33 Module 44  Module 5

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Testimonial HannahK


When you join us on Creating a Family Haven you’ll also get two valuable bonuses from family experts

meagan- bonus- creating a family haven

Don’t feel stumped anymore with play activities. Meagan of Whole Family Rhythms shares a week of done for you daily rhythm play activities, a weekly story and a bushwalking (nature walk) theme. A gentle introduction to Waldorf/Steiner early childhood and one easy way to do more of what you planned because it’s here!


jo-Bonus-Creating a family haven

Fridge door bursting with magnets and things to remember? Jo Ebisujima of Organized Chaos shows us how to get rid of that dumping zone and trail of stuff so we’re organized. She shares a practical guide and resources to setting up your family command center and how it makes your life easier. Imagine letters, things to remember, notes from  school, keys, pens and the family calendar(s) in your command center. ( Big smiles!)

Testimonial SarahB

Don’t wait!


We all get a little off-track. Don’t remain drifting and struggling alone! It’s time to refocus and draw closer together with your family. Push through the distractions and start simplifying your family’s life by making a firm commitment for you and your family today!


Still not sure?

Contact me today; I would love to answer any questions you might have before you buy.

So who am I?

Mel That’s me! I’m Melitsa  founder of Raising Playful Tots. I’m working on creating my family haven so my family thrives. Everyday.

Over the past seven years using my teaching background, I’ve helped mothers with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school aged and those of us growing our families to grasp what’s right for their family when you have an age range of kids in the family.  All through speaking engagements, being interviewed and more intimate small group sessions, coaching, blogging and my podcast; Raising Playful Tots. I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach


It’s really easy to get started!

Just click the buy button below and we’ll begin this quest together.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, here’s what happens next: You’ll get an email with all the important login and password details. Look out for it!  Complete the action steps in your email and get familiar with the private member area.

 I like the sound of this Melitsa. But I have a few questions..

I’ve tried a parenting class before and it was too rigid

This class is about becoming an expert on your family not bolting on ideas. There’s space for creativity and developing YOUR parenting style. As we explore the foundations you decide what’s best for your family.

I have my parenting books why would I need an ecourse?


Having the option to talk about your specific situation with a group of likeminded moms who are cheering you on, and encouraging you to put action into your ideas is priceless. We can read books and be told what to do but it’s not so easy to just do it. A group that will help you be accountable will enforce and encourage you to follow through.

Also, a course goes much deeper than reading a book. It is a broad range of information but in an easier and fun format through audio, video and PDF’s with an interactive approach from your standpoint, not the fictional perfect family.

What is your refund policy?

I want to take away your doubts so I am offering a 14-day money back guarantee. All I ask is that you remember your intention for joining this course, and your commitment to participating in the activities.

If you’ve completed the activities in the first few modules and feel like you have not gotten anything from the work, please let me know.

You have lifetime access so if  it is taking longer than you thought- that’s okay, this work takes time. Take this course at your own pace and reschedule a time in the future.

I’ve poured so much into this program and I believe there are many powerful processes that’ll transform your family.

I do not like receiving money from those who aren’t happy with my finished product. I can share the tools but you need to get out there; use them. I know they work. So it’s your choice. Think it through and say YES PLEASE  we need this.

If you aren’t happy with this Course, I will happily refund your money.

What if I can’t get my spouse or children to participate?

You’re in a community of other mammas. Working through and discussing the modules will give you ideas about how you can bring this to your family. Be encouraged by a friend / new friend or family member. Reach out in the community and find others and form accountability groups. Be creative with how you implement and share. People seeing the change in you will become curious.

How much time will it take?

The information is in short bites of  video, audio and pdf. These playsheets take a little thinking time and action time. This is easily picked up within each week. Some of the tasks are over a long period. There’s no deadline to complete. Work at a pace that fits your family

What if it works now and then we experience a transition ?

A transition like going back to work? leaving work? extended family or new baby? Parenting situations change- thanks goodness. We buy new clothes, have different expectations and outgrow things. Like all good parents our style adapts and changes to our new circumstance. Through this course you’ll learn to anticipate and plan for change so you can be prepared for change, using familiar tools.

How will this work long-term as my family grows ?

Sometimes circumstances change. We’re building the foundation and reinforcing them for each new season or transition. You’ll come back and explore what’s working and keep those things. You’ll find what’s not working and discard them. For now, you can use the principles in this course to slowly adopt a new style

My husband and I have the same values and beliefs

That’s fantastic!

You will however come up against things that you’ll be surprised to learn about each other as you journey through parenting. These can blindside you in the moment leaving you feeling anxious and fearful about many other things. Foundations are shaken and the shockwaves resonate.

But you’ll find ways during this course to get past the anxiety and make decisions whether you’re on the same page, and if not, how to get there. 

My kids are too ________ (Little/big/old)

This is the perfect time for young families to establish ideals up front so as your family grows it’s how you wish it to be. Families of older children or many children, your time is now.

Push pause and reflect on where you are as a family today, and where you want to be in the future.

The time to start is always today. Don’t let guilt and self-doubt get in the way of you and your family.

Fresh eyes and fresh starts begin today.

I have specific problems/struggles in parenting. Where do I start?

This ecourse gives you the opportunity to step back and see the bigger picture of shaping and growing your family.

Zooming out from the details of family life will give you the perspective to know what to tackle first and stay out of overwhelm.

What if I want to work with you privately?

I would love to work with you privately. If you’re interested in an advisory coaching session, we’ll start with a discovery session to see if we’re a good fit. Just apply for a session through my contact form or choose the option “Complete package” when enrolling.

How will I access and receive this program?

This is an online course. All the course material, the online video, audio ( MP3 files) and playsheets ( PDFs), is available through a private membership site. You access them online, download them and use them on your computer, mp3 player or print them.

CFH Start date

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